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    Helping you divest from the bad and promote the good!

  • The Point

    We are everyday consumers. A majority of our waking lives is spent, well, spending our hard earned money on other peoples goods and services. A lot of the time what we get back leaves a lot to be desired, whether it's overpriced products or shoddy customer service. But it doesn't have to be this way - there are plenty of great companies out there. Increasingly we want to choose these companies because they are 'good' - they are ethical, benefit the planet or their communities in some way. Or they simply sell great things at a reasonable price. The problem is we often don't know who they are because they are small, trying to break into a market. So I thought we'd help them by simply making a list. Here's how you can escape as a consumer....


    Buying food and eating it - a basic need​

    http://riverford.co.uk Fresh, seasonal produce delivered to your door.


    Want to leave the Big 6? Here are some alternatives ​

    Ecotricity Award winning provider of green gas and electricity

    Broadband, telephone and mobile

    We all have it and we all pay too much

    Direct Save A new, small company that has no contracts and cheap prices.

    The People's Operator A mobile service provider that provides rolling monthly contracts from £5 and donates 10% of your bill to a charity of your choice.



    Places to stay, people to see, things to do​


    We all need someone to look after it ​

    Triodes An investment bank that only lends savers money to organisations capable of making a positive social, environmental or cultural impact.


    Go on artist date with this lot​


    Fashion is often disposable and transient

    Worn Again Their mission is to stop using virgin resources in clothes

    Patagonia Possibly the most sustainable company in the world

    Inspirational Ideas

    Sometimes the best things are free

    parkrun Free, timed, weekly 5km runs every Saturday at an outdoor space near you. Over 100,000 regular participants.

    Escape the City Just in case you haven't escaped from your job yet...

    DoNation Pledge actions to reduce CO2 in support of campaigns or start your own.

    Intrinsically Good Things

    They don't need explaining, they're just good things to do

    Blood Donation It's quick, easy and helps save lives - and you get a free cup of tea and a biscuit!



    There is too much on the internet, but...

    Positive News An alternative to the doom and gloom of the mainstream media.

    Brain Pickings Food for the brain every week.